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  Welcome to the webpage of Don Taylor & Associates, Inc. I trust this information will be helpful and informative. Please contact me directly @ (904)399-1224 if you have any questions.


  Don Taylor and Associates was founded in April 1979,as a full service, Private Investigative Agency, licensed by the State of Florida, pursuant to F.S. 493. Don Taylor began by applying his police background to assist members of the legal community in defense of criminal defendants. He soon began to apply his investigative experience in the field of civil litigation. Since 1979, Don Taylor has participated in almost every conceivable type of investigation with a broad back-
ground that has proven to be very successful. 


  In addition to private investigations, Don Taylor has developed what he believes to be the finest process service available anywhere known as Don Taylor Enterprises, Inc. All members of the process section are full time employees and have been appointed by the Sheriff of Duval County, Florida, as Special Process Servers pursuant to F.S. 48.021. This appointment means that all types of process may be served by our employees with the same authority and standing as a deputy sheriff of this county.

We are appointed to serve process by the Sheriffs of Duval and County. We also service Clay, St. Johns, Baker and Nassau Counties.

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